1st Burwell have two Cub Scout packs that meet weekly on a Tuesday and Thursday night, between 6:30pm and 8:15pm.

Our Cub Scout pack nights begin with an inspection and a couple of games, we then work towards activity badges trying to incorporate different aspects of the Cub Scout programme and learning.

 For boys and girls aged between 8 and 10½ years old, we currently have 27 cubs on a Tuesday evening and 22 cubs on a Thursday evening.

To find out more about becoming a Cub Scout, and about the full range of activities we do, please see our Contact Us webpage for details on how to get in touch with our Cub Scout Leadership Team.


Our Leaders


Jo, GSL (Tuesday)

Jo has been in the scout members since join as a cubs in 1993 and never looked back at 18 completed her Queen Scout award and became a leader in Exning. Join Burwell in 2005 as Akela of Tuesday night Cubs and became GSL in 2011. 

Likes - The great outdoors

Dislikes - Not being able to drive the Mini Bus 


David, CSL (Thursday)

David join Thursday Cubs 2010. In 2013 became a Air Rifle instructor and became Akela in 2015. 

Likes - Pete's Burgers

Dislikes - being disorganised 


Alison, ACSL (Tuesday) & Waiting List coordinator

Alison join the team as a beaver leader when her son's started and moved into Cubs a few years later.  Alison also the Queen of the waiting list. 

Likes - Crafts

Dislike - Mess 


Paul, ACSL (Tuesday)

Paul started as a Beaver Leader at 1st Moulton and join Burwell Cubs in 2017. 

Likes - Cricket

Dislikes - Paperwork


James ACSL (Tuesday)

James started fundraising for the group  winning  the  Newmarket soapbox Derby and he is now Burwell newest leader.

Likes - Making fire

Dislike - being indoor


Nick, ACSL (Thursday)

Nick join Beavers at 6 and became a young leader and a warranted leader in 2014. 

Likes - traffic like game 

Dislike -  noise


Andy, ACSL (Thursday)

Andy was a boy scout in Burwell and once his boys join the movement Andy join too. 

Likes - Have fun

Dislike - paperwork 


Michael, ACSL (Thursday)

Michael joined the group in 2011 ...

Likes - Cycling

Dislike - Banana 

Get in touch

Should you wish to get in touch with the Cubs Leaders then please email: